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Cookie Policy

The Jewellery Stop Cookie Policy

Last updated: 26th September 2020


The Jewellery Stop (Online) Limited ("us", "we", or "our") uses cookies on the https://www.thejewellerystop.com/ website (the "Service" or this "Website"). By using the Service, you consent to the use of essential cookies required for our website to operate, and the use of cookies to give you the best user experience. These cookies also improve the security of your use of this website, they do not provide us with any additional information about you other than that which you knowingly provide us by sending us a message through this site, by creating an account on this site, signing up for our newsletter or placing an order with us.

Our website also uses tracking cookies and similar technologies such as beacons, tags and pixels. These help us monitor how our website is used, what pages are successful and what perhaps needs improvement, and, our selected 3rd party advertising and marketing providers, Google and Facebook, are able to target our potential and existing customers with more relevant advertisements. You can opt out of these marketing and tracking technologies, and we have provided information on how to do this later in our cookie policy.

What Cookies are and what they do:

Cookies are required in some form for the majority of websites and services to operate. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer or device's web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari), sent by a website or service that you visit. Cookies are only readable by your device and the website or service they are associated with. There are several types of cookies used for different purposes:

  • Session Cookies: These cookies expire when the website browser is closed. They are functional and may store preferences (such as your shopping cart contents or a view preference for products such as the sort order), and they may identify your session (use of a website) by a uniquely generated id so as to distinguish your actions from other users at the time you are using the website. This unique id does not relate to personal data and is used for security purposes. Session cookies do not collect information from the user's computer.
  • Permanent cookies: These cookies remain in operation and remain on your computer or device. They can have an expiration of several months. They may remember basic preferences such as whether your browser should save your credentials, so you don't have to type them in every time you use a given website, and they may remember certain preferences you have chosen in the past or pages you have viewed. This can greatly improve your user experience of a website as you can quickly return to where you left off from your previous visit. They are also known as persistent cookies.
  • Third Party Essential Cookies: These are used to offer a service from a third party integrated into the main website services. Our website for example, uses Opayo and Paypal for payment processing, and these services require essential security and session cookies for the payment to be processed on our checkout and payment pages.
  • Marketing and Analytics cookies: Many websites use third party services with the aim of collecting certain information to carry out research into how websites are used, demographics information (where customers access the website globally or by city/region), or to gather data to re-market website products or services to you on the website you are visiting, or to remarket products when you visit other websites (such as Google or Facebook, they may show you adverts about our website because you visited us before or visited specific pages or performed certain actions). Under new privacy laws such as the GDPR and similar laws from other countries, websites must give you the option and information on how to opt out of such third party cookies or unnecessary cookies.

You have complete control over cookies stored on your device or how your browser accepts or notifies you about the use of cookies with the majority of modern day browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge are just a few examples), and you have the ability within your browser to clear cookies from your device, or block cookies all-together. It should be noted that cookies are not all bad and if you do choose to block all cookies, many websites will not operate or there will be certain functions on such websites which will not work.

You can learn more about cookies via the following third-party websites we have linked to below:

How The Jewellery Stop (Online) Limited uses cookies

When you use and access this website, a number of cookies are stored in your web browser. The functions of the cookies our website uses are outlined below:

  • Essential Cookies: These include session and preference cookies. They assist in the security of your use in this site, assist in speeding up your user experience of the website by indicating areas of our website which have not changed since your past visit to a given page, enabling your browser to recall saved information from your last visit (images and styles for example), and they may remember certain settings such as product display preferences, previously viewed products or items in your basket which you did not purchase on your previous visit. None of these cookies store any personal data and we do not gain any information about you other than that which you knowingly provide us through your account on our website, signing up, purchasing from us, through the use our our contact form, or creating an account.
  • 3rd Party Essential Cookies: Our website transaction payment processor is Opayo (Elavon Digital Europe Limited, trading as Opayo), and all payment transactions (credit/debit card or paypal transactions and authorisation) take place on their secure servers. For this system to operate, Opayo use essential session cookies to differentiate customers and to secure/identify your session. These cookies store none of your personal information and these cookies are deleted when you close your browser. Paypal payments are also processed via Opayo and require your authentication with Paypal during that process. Paypal also use session cookies to secure your user session during payment authorization. You can read about Opayo's Cookie Policy and Paypal's Cookie Policy on their respective pages, their essential cookies will be in use during any payment transactions. No payment details are stored on this website, you can find out more about this in our Privacy Policy.
  • 3rd Party Marketing and Analytics Cookies: We use Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Pixel. We gather anonymized website usage data through which we cannot identify individual personal data but we can gather performance statistics on what areas of our website are successful and what needs improvement. Through Google Ads and Facebook Pixel, Google and Facebook, our chosen 3rd party marketing providers, can better target more relevant advertisements to our customers through use of Google and Facebook services. We do not collect any personal data from Google or Facebook, and we do not share user data from customers accounts with either service. You can opt out from Google and Facebook marketing by following our guidelines provided later in this cookie policy.

Your Options for using this website

Essential Cookies - Options

By using this website, you are agreeing to the use of essential cookies, including essential cookies for essential 3rd party services such as our payment service providers Opayo and Paypal. Note that if you clear your browsers cache, our website will ask you to reconfirm your cookie acceptance. Please also note that as cookie settings are saved by device, if other people use your device or browser, the choices chosen will apply to the device as a whole and not to the individual using the device.

If you do not consent to our essential cookies, we kindly request that you do not use this website. If you choose to block cookies using your browser, we cannot guarantee the functionality of our website.

Marketing Cookies and tracking - Options

You have the option to opt out of marketing cookies and blocking trackers in most modern browsers through your privacy settings, or through ad-blockers or anti-trackers. If you have this already set up, you may well find your browser has already blocked Google and Facebook marketing. Our website will function fine provided none of the essential cookes have been blocked. To block or opt out of Google or Facebook marketing globally and not just on our website, we have provided informative links to each services recommended solutions for opt-out:

Google Analytics

You can opt out of Google Analytics for all websites you visit by visiting https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout. This browser add-on is compatible with modern browsers.

Google Ads

Control your preferences on Google Ads services and targeted advertising by visiting https://adssettings.google.com/, these choices will apply to all websites you visit and not just this website.

Facebook pixel
Facebook provide full details on how to opt out of their marketing in their cookie policy at https://www.facebook.com/policies/cookies/, these choices will apply to all websites you visit and not just this website.

Deleting cookies from your browser

We have presented several links below for information on how to remove cookies from your web-browser for your convenience:

Links to other websites

Our website may contain links to other websites of interest, including our social network pages (Facebook for example). Once you have used these links to leave our site, you should note that we do not have any control over that other website. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for the cookie policies whilst visiting such sites as such sites are not governed by this cookie policy statement. You should exercise caution and reference the cookie policy applicable to the website in question.

Further information, Cookies and Privacy

Further information on cookies and your privacy can be found in our Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions concerning our cookie policy, please get in touch with us by emailing info@thejewellerystop.com