New Website! is now .com!

Website Change

During November 2016, we changed websites from the co-uk address to Our new website is our next step on our journey to provide better customer service through our website. Listed below are just a few of the key changes:

  • Mobile and Tablet friendly
  • International Shipping
  • Plenty more ways to search our products
  • Improved Loyalty Points system
  • A more content rich site with plenty more coming!

Our new website does not require you to create an account to check out, however, we strongly recommend you do this so that you can save time on checkout for future orders, keep track of your favourites, track the progress of orders in progress or view past orders and benefit from our Loyalty Points offer.

Important Information for Customers who had an account on our old site

Our 2nd November Newsletter contained information concerning the change. If you did not receive this, we have provided the key information below. If you have our e-mail in your address book, please also update this to "com" instead of the co-uk ending.

Account Transfers from the Old to New

If you had a reward points balance, or you have purchased from our old website since January 2015, you will have had an account set up on our new website. We have only been able to transfer your e-mail and name. This is due to the different ways we handle addresses on our website. You will need to re-input your address details on our new site once you have logged in. This can easily be done in your account area. There have been changes to our reward points program so your reward balance will be different, more information has been provided below. No order history or financial history has been transferred to the new website. Credit and Debit Card information are not stored on either our new or the old site.

If you had an account on our website but you did not purchase from us within the previous year and did not have a reward balance left from purchases you made from us before 2015, you will need to recreate an account on our new site (and gain a reward point for doing so), however, it is actually not necessary to register on our website to purchase from us. If you register, you will benefit from our Jewellery Stop Reward program, being able to easily track your favourites and keep track of orders in progress within your account area.

Information for customers for whom we have already transferred accounts:

Accessing and reviewing your account

To access your account on our new website, you will need to reset your password. To do this, please follow the link below. You will be asked to enter your e-mail, and after submitting the reset request, you will receive a password reset link by e-mail with further information. If you have any trouble resetting your password or would like assistance, please use our contact page or send us an e-mail (remember com and not the co-uk one!). Please use your original e-mail address as used on our old website.

Once you have reset your password and you have logged into our website, please review your account information and update any missing information (billing and delivery address).

Reset Password Here

Changes to the Jewellery Stamp Reward Program

The Jewellery Stamp

The Jewellery Stamp

As mentioned in our previous e-mail, we have improved the new site to provide a better reward system for you as a thank you for ordering from us. The first thing we should mention is that we have halved the earning and spending value of each reward point, so to earn one stamp, you spend £10 instead of £20, and each point is now worth £0.50 instead of £1. If you had points on our previous website, we have transfered the value, not the points, so if you had 1 point, you now have 2. If you had £3 worth of points, you still have £3 worth of points on the new website.

Because registering on our website gets you a point, if your account was transferred, the registration point has already been credited to your account.

Previously, we asked you save 10 points before you could spend any. We no longer do this any more and you can use your reward points balance whenever you like!

We plan on making further improvements to our Rewards program in the coming months. You can find out more about our reward points on our website via The Jewellery Stamp Loyalty Points page.

New Payment System

Payments Secured by SagePay

Our new website uses SagePay to secure your online card purchase. SagePay is Europe's leading independent payment service provider (PSP) and is one of the most trusted payment brands. No card details are saved on our website. Currently we can accept payment internationally by debit or credit cards, MasterCard or Visa. We will soon be able to accept Maestro and American Express via our website.

Request for previous information

Should you require information about an item you purchased from our old site, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We have retained very basic order information and a skeleton order history by customer. To make the request, please contact us via our contact page on this site, or by e-mail using the same e-mail you used to make a purchase on our old website. Please allow us 2-3 working days to get back to you


We hope you enjoy our new website. We have plenty of further improvements and additional features on their way, including more detailed product descriptions and much more content and news. We also welcome any general feedback you can provide us. You can e-mail us or contact us via our contact page