Carbon Neutral and our Business Ethics

Carbon Neutral and our Business Ethics

Back in October 2021 we were proud to partner with Carbon Neutral Britain to offset our carbon footprint, and plant 30 trees each month in sustainable projects around the world. We are still going strong and take pride in the news we receive of some of the projects Carbon Neutral Britain are supporting through our contributed efforts.

A little about Carbon Neutral Britain

Carbon Neutral Britain

Carbon Neutral Britain is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) whose goal is to tackle the challenges of the climate change crisis by providing businesses of all sizes and individuals with a voluntary means to offset carbon produced by every day activities. Our goal is to offset our shop, office and website operations, from employees cars coming to work and necessary motor or public vehicle transport required for work, to the energy consumption used in our offices, and inbound movement of our products and business supplies, down to delivery of our products to our customers.

How other Businesses and Individuals Can get involved

Head on over to Carbon Neutral Britain's website for more details about the projects in progress and what you can do! We can all make a difference. There are personal and business ideas & solutions.

The Extra Commitments

Having moved platforms for our website in June 2022, we decided to join up with Shopify's carbon neutral delivery commitments where on top of our general business commitments with Carbon Neutral Britain, we could assure our customers their deliveries were carbon neutral. Orders paid via the Shop Pay app or via Shop Pay, the carbon offset amount is contributed by Shopify, where as all other payments for orders via our website, the carbon offset amount is contributed by ourselves.

Does it stop there?

No! We are continually assessing our business practices and ways we can sustainably contribute back to the environment, and ensure our businesses growth is guided ethically.

Since November 2021, we have begun a gradual phase out of plastics from our website order and shop packaging. This has been a gradual process to phase out any last plastic packaging stocks we have, as well as source adequate alternatives for safe delivery of our jewellery. We look forward to the day when we can declare our packaging 100% plastic free, and we don't think that is far away!

On our product front, we continue to ensure our jewellery and accessories are ethically sourced, that our suppliers are continuing their own efforts to reduce waste and contribute responsibility to an improved environment, and that all workers in the supply chain are fairly paid.

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