Website Changes 2022

Website Changes 2022

During May, we made the decision to migrate from our in-house website over to Shopify. This move allows us to focus more on our products, services and development while handing over a lot of the technical behind the scenes work over to Shopify's impressive system. It also allows us to gradually bring our shop system in-line with our website, and introduce more products to our website for our customers.

There have been some big changes which effect some of our customers, there is no need for our customers to read all the outlined information below but it may have some answers to questions one might raise!


We used Mailchimp for our newsletter subscribers. We have made the decision to integrate our newsletters with shopify. All existing newsletter subscribers with marketing permissions clearly set on Mailchimp have been migrated to the new newsletter system. Customers can easily opt in and out of our newsletter by following the link in our future newsletter emails, or, by using the signup form on our website to receive an email with a link to update preferences.
Our signup process has also been simplified and we look forward to sharing our news with you soon!

Customer Accounts:

We take privacy extremely seriously. The encryption of customer accounts on our old website and standard privacy features on the new mean we were unable to create a smooth transfer of customer accounts to the new. Therefore, our old website records are being permenently deleted by 4th June.

Back in April, we ended our customer loyalty point scheme, as we have found the vast majority of our customers actually checkout or complete orders as guests, rather than complete an account. We will reward our loyal customers in the near future with exclusive offers in other ways and soon via our newsletter whether they have an account on our website or not!

Customers can easily create an account on our new website should they wish to do so. Creating an account provides easy access to order history and fast checkout on any device by saving your address information.

Past Customer Orders:

Whether you had an account on our website or not, we are legally obliged to keep order history for accounting purposes, so if you have any questions about a past order, we can look that information up for you. Consumer rights are not effected on recent orders, any problems on deliveries or dare we say the rare defect, just get in touch and email us your order number and we will get back to you promptly.

Website Display:

We have changed our website layout considerably. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be making improvements such as matching sets, alternative colour clarity for specific designs and more ways to browse our extensive product range. We look forward to introducing these to you soon!


No changes!! You can expect our continued dedicated customer service and order processing, and we are driven to improve further. We look forward to introducing new offers, services and improvements soon!


Simply email us, we welcome feedback! Emai

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